LAYANA's Film Screening in February~ LAYANA Qingxi Wenhui Pavilion

LAYANA's Film Screening in February,STAMPING, Automotive Components, Electronic Components, Metal Stamping,


A Star Is Born》|Eight nominations for the 91st Oscars|

Today, Lady Gaga attracted lots of guests attend movie screening.
Popcorn! Nothing goes with a movie as well as popcorn.
LAYANA Qingxi Wenhui Pavilion is a multifunctional Studio Theater. 
With a 4K3D and Dolby sound system this room is perfect for any social gathering, corporate function, presentation, meeting or movie screening.
Be Yourself.
The trick to contentment for all of us, Lerner points out, is to be able to “choose the self we want to be.”
Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow(A Star Is Born)
The beautiful melody is still lingering in our ears~
The First and Only Cinema In Lukang Township - Layana  Manufacturer.


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