2019 13th - Six Sigma publication

Since 2003, Layana Company has already continuously promoted Six Sigma for 16 years. From now on, there are 69 programs has been accumulated.

In order to make programs perfect, we started to follow DMAIC improvement method of Dr. Juran, which defines each improvement step more clearly and specifically, from 2014 to 2015.

The publication of a total of seven projects, including economic management, quality development, financial marketing, business optimization and so on. Through the publication, in addition to project specialist can be re-examined the improvement process, the more important thing is the accumulation and inheritance of the improved experience.

〝One can walk faster, but a group of people can walk very far.〞, the guest was quoted as saying. LAYANA will continue to improve and upgrade through the whole staff and make the future road of LAYANA wider and wider.



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